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Hear it from the students themselves!

Past students testimonials...

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Attended: 'O' Levels Math & Sciences

AM Academy has to be one of the best tuition centres I went to.

Not only it has a flexible timing, the teachers there are really welcoming, patient and dedicated to teaching each and every student they receive and push them to their best.

To me it really felt like a family more than just a tuition centre. It’s really free and easy as long as u are willing to learn, the teachers will definitely bring you to greater heights and achieve something that u never thought u could.

As long as u are in doubt, he would use simpler ways to explain to u the concept and make u see things much clearer and also give alternatives on how to see a diagram which also opens your mind on how to tackle these kinds of questions in future.

Alvin, Miss Lee and Greg has been the best teachers I have met and also the nicest bunch of teachers . As long as you are willing to learn and work hard they will help u and guide you through without hesitation and will go the extra mile for their students too.

Going to AM Academy was my best decision plus the bonds I made with the people there is one of the best bunch.


Attended: 'O' Levels Math & Sciences

Tuition at ama is very engaging and fun!!

I have forged many friendships at AMA :) I was taught amath and emath by Mr Alvin and Chemistry by Miss Lee !!!

I look forward to tuition sessions every week as the vibes there are amazing and I've seen my mathematics grade jump from a C6 to an A1 !!!!

10/10 experience!


Attended: 'O' Levels Math 

AMA has been one of the best tuition centers that I’ve attended.

In lower secondary, my mathematics grade was horrible and I absolutely hated the subject. I joined AMA in the end of 2018, I was taught by alvin and he was very patient with me.

It took me awhile to learn all the basics due to my weak foundation but Alvin never gave up on me and continued to give me the support I needed.

Alvin did not only help me improve my grades from a E8 for emath and F9 for amath to a A2 for emath and A1 for amath for o levels but his teaching made me enjoy learning math.

What differentiates AMA from other tuition centers is the fact that the teachers go out of their way to help you.

If you were to join AMA, I’m sure that you will not have any regrets!


Attended: 'O' Levels Math & Science, JC Math & Physics

Was first introduced to AM academy by my classmate back in 2018 when I was struggling for A Math, consistently failing even after joining multiple tuition centres which did not help me improve at all.

After just a few lessons at AM under Alvin, I began to understand the concepts around A-math and most importantly enjoy doing math much more and it eventually became my best subject in secondary school.

Alvin makes lessons fun and enjoyable but serious at the same time ensuring we benefit from his lessons and do not dread it.

I also took secondary school Chemistry and JC H2 math under Miss lee who was able to better explain certain concepts compared to teachers in school which prevented me from falling behind.

I joined Emmanuel’s H2 economics tuition in the middle of 2021 and I must say that it was really one of the best decisions i had made in my JC life.

Emmanuel really made key concepts so unforgettable and easy to grasp that I could really feel my econs improving significantly as soon as i started lessons with him.

The teachers at AM always go the extra mile and are much more than just ordinary teachers, always offering us help and advice for not only academics but also life problems.

You will not regret joining AM ACADEMY, I guarantee you it will be the best decision you will ever make in your secondary / junior college journey.

Client 8

Attended: 'O' Levels Math & Sciences, 'A' Levels Math & Economics

AMA is the best tuition center I have been taught at. The teachers there not only care about your grades in school but take the step further to learn more about you as a student and person.

The atmosphere at the center makes it a place where students feel comfortable learning and exploring, allowing for a more productive learning experience.

In my secondary education, I had the opportunity to be taught by Alvin for both my e math and a math, Emmanuel for physics and Ms Lee for my chemistry.

Alvin is one of the most caring math teachers who consistently produce results. Alvin helped me improve my a math from C6 to A1 in the span of a year. He is not just a good math teacher but also looks out for the welfare of his students and always strive to develop his students holistically.

Ms Lee has a wealth of experience in the education sector being a teacher for many years. She is often recognized by her lively attitude which always brightens my day. I always find myself looking forward to her lessons for that reason. She is also a very good chemistry tutor, helping me improve my grades from D7 to A1.

She also helped me build a strong foundation and interest in chemistry that allowed me to pursue H3 Chemistry in JC. Ms Lee also taught me H2 math in JC, where under her guidance I have never scored below an A. She often takes additional time out of her busy schedule to help her students understand difficult concepts.

Emmanuel is one of the most hardworking tutors. He helped me improve my physics grades from a C5 to A2. Physics is one of the most difficult and confusing sciences but he is able to simplify complex ideas into bite size information that I could easily understand. This allowed me to see massive improvements in my grades over a short period of time.

Emmanuel is also a H2 economics tutor for the JC students and is excellent in helping his students prepare for their exams. He has his own set of notes that simplifies the confusing content in school lecture notes. Combined with the many practice papers he sets himself, I found myself extremely prepared for my A levels.

I would highly recommend anyone to start their tuition at AMA as I feel that they truly care about their students and aim to create a vibe that makes everyone feel included and comfortable for learning to take place!

Client 1

Attended: 'O' Levels Math & Sciences

AM Academy has really been the best tuition centre I’ve ever been to!

I think what differentiates it from other centres is the culture there, where the teachers are more like friends, and they are always willing to go the extra mile for you.

I was taught by Alvin and Max for Math, as well as Ms Lee for sciences and I can safely say that I’ve enjoyed all my lessons under them and definitely learnt a lot!

The teachers really put in their time and effort to attend to every student and make sure that each person is taken care of. You can also rest assured that lessons are catered to your level of mastery and can be flexibly adjusted to suit your learning needs. 

You won’t have any regrets joining !! :D

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Testimonials: Clients
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